M31 Spectra; Papers I, II, & IV

The spectra provided below are all the LBVs, candidate LBVs, B[e] supergiants, and Fe II emission-line stars presented in Papers I, II, and IV. Data were observed on the MMT Hectospec Multi-Object Spectrograph at Mount Hopkins. All spectra used the 600 line/mm grating with a tilt of 4800Å for the blue and 6800Å for the red. Total integration time for each fiber was 120 minutes for the blue and 90 minutes for the red.

The spectra were reduced using ESPECROAD, an exportable version of the CfA/SAO SPECROAD package for Hectospec data. The spectra were bias subtracted, flat-fielded, and wavelength calibrated. Due to crowding, sky subtraction was performed using pre-selected sky fibers off the field of each galaxy. These sky fiber positions were chosen from Hɑ maps in regions where nebular contamination would be minimized. Several of the FITS files below may be in multi-spec format, in which the first aperture is the reduced data, second is raw, and the third is the sky aperture.

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