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If you use data from this archive please give the following acknowledgment in your published work:

This research has made use of the data archive for the HST Treasury Program on Eta Carinae (GO 9973) which is available online at The archive is supported by the University of Minnesota and the Space Telescope Science Institute under contract with NASA.

Warning: This database continues to evolve.

This database will eventually include all of the spectra and images of Eta Carinae obtained with the HST and selected ground-based instruments.

To query this database, initially select either:

Caveat: This is Version 1.2, which does not yet include images and STIS/MAMA (UV) data. Moreover, it contains a few bugs that most users won't notice. The most dangerous example concerns ERR arrays, which are wrong by a constant multiplicative factor. (We will soon have a Technical Memo on this problem; meanwhile, be aware that STScI's ERR arrays are also misleading, though in a more subtle and equally dangerous way.)

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