HST Treasury Program Software

addwave addwave is software to reconstruct and append a classic WAVE HDU (reconstructed from the FLUX HDU WCS information) to a file that has been downloaded from the archive. We provide a C version (with a few bells and wistles) and a bare-bones IDL version.
cspec cspec is used to view 1-D data in the form y=f(x), specifically spectra. It can open text files with columnar data separated by white space or binary files in a format we refer to as 'unifspec', which is a format devised by Kris Davidson for his own scientific purposes. cpsec internally oversamples the data with an interpolation routine to ease the process of integrations for equivalent width and integrated flux calculations. Thus, the plots displayed in cspec are a representation of the data as a function, not the original data points. In theory this data is as least as good if not better than the original data.
exfits exfits is a tool for performing simple row- and column-based extractions on 2D HST STIS spectra.

fitstools fitstools is another library for handling FITS data. It wraps CFITSIO and adds functionality for other FITS file operations.
ghostbgone ghostbgone is software to remove the H-alpha ghost image from the STIS/CCD exposures in the H-alpha wavelength range.
libuni libuni is a C library for handling interpolated, over-sampled data in some of the other software packages on this page. It is a prerequisite for cpsec among other things.
replacenan replacenan is software which replaces NaN (not-a-number = -999./0.) in the FLUX arrays of the FITS files with any other number that the user specifies.
cfitsio Most of these software products make use of the CFITSIO subroutines developed at NASA/GSFC.

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